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Microsoft Windows Azure Microsoft Azure Development in India By Stier Solution

Microsoft Windows Azure

Microsoft Windows Azure

Microsoft Azure Development in India, Microsoft solution content is designed to help IT professionals solve real business problems. This content includes two types of guidance: design considerations and solutions. Not all the categories below have both types of guidance.

Design considerations guides provide a collection of important design and configuration options to evaluate when designing a solution for your business. You can use these guides to create your own design by evaluating and selecting the options that best meet the specific requirements of your organization.

Solutions are designed to help you solve real business problems by providing proven designs and steps for the implementation of solutions that have requirements common to many organizations. They fully articulate preferred or best practice based solution designs to help you deploy your solutions faster and with more confidence.

By using Microsoft virtualization technologies, you can optimize your datacenter and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

By using Microsoft virtualization technologies you’re able to reduce costs by consolidating more workloads on fewer physical servers and increase efficiency by using the same virtualization fabric and management technologies and virtual machines on-premises and in the cloud.

Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server improves upon the functionality and features offered in Windows Azure Services for Windows Server (also referred to as the Service Management Portal and Service Management API) and is intended as a replacement portal. You can migrate your data from Windows Azure Services to Windows Azure Pack. The following table indicates the migration status for the different data sets in Windows Azure Services during and after the migration to Windows Azure Pack.

How Can Windows Azure Help You?

The Windows Azure platform ensures flexibility, choice, and control spanning server, web, desktop, and mobile devices. Stier Solution helps you build cloud computing solutions with the right tools and technologies and create rich, integrated applications that connect you to your audience.

Control Costs: Windows Azure solutions are highly scalable. Eliminate up-front costs for massively scalable computing infrastructure, ongoing depreciation, and maintenance expenses by leveraging Microsofts Data Centre capacity and expertise. Only pay for what you use, when you use it.

Accommodate Demands: Stier Solution Windows Azure solutions are agile. Simplified application development gives you the ability to rapidly scale up or down on demand, instantly adjusting to changing market conditions. Do away with utilization concerns by better controlling usage.

Integrate Multiple Services: Work with Stier Solution to leverage existing Microsoft cloud technologies such as Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, migrate your existing applications, or implement a custom development solution.

Scale and Grow Quickly: Add compute power as business grows or demand spikes. Windows Azure solutions are prepared to burst to accommodate peaks in demand whether predictable or unpredictable.

Reduce Risk: As a Microsoft partner and early adopter, Stier Solution expertise with Windows Azure means your solution will use industry leading best practices and your data is accessible and protected.

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